High transparency gives mid-sized cities an edge

Transparent property markets are proving to be key selling points when it comes to attracting corporate interest and investors to mid-sized cities.

November 05, 2018

It’s not just the large, globally successful cities like London, Sydney or New York that boast highly transparent real estate markets.

Several mid-sized cities in mature economies are also leading the charge in ensuring their real estate markets are run in a clear, efficient and transparent way. These cities have several things in common: they are English-speaking with long histories of data collection and robust legal frameworks.

With more capital being allocated to the real estate sector than ever before, the benefits of a highly transparent real estate market are clear.

Jeremy Kelly, director of Global Research at JLL, says: “As investors and businesses increasingly delve into city-level dynamics, real estate transparency can be a key differentiator. It plays a crucial role in ensuring efficiency, limiting risks and enhancing competitiveness.”

Here are eight smaller cities from around the world that are reaping the benefits of their efforts in creating transparent property markets.

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