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How sustainability needs to be at the forefront of thinking

Working towards a Net Positive position for energy, water, waste and social impact by 2030


UK, France and Ireland


Bid to cut carbon emissions by 757,200 tonnes by 2030

There is only a finite supply of natural resources and a growing urgency to address climate change. So, we helped Hammerson consider how they could add value to the business and protect communities for generations to come.

How we worked together

In collaboration with Hammerson, an owner, manager and developer of winning retail destinations across Europe, we created a sustainability strategy to help them plan for the future.

This required a detailed understanding of their business and long-term ambitions.

So, we carried out a baseline review, identified their material impacts, evaluated future industry trends and insights and conducted a peer review and benchmarking exercise.

The outcome was an ambitious strategy which aims to achieve a Net Positive position for energy, water, waste and social impact by 2030. Net Positive means businesses put back more than they take from the environment, society and the economy.

We continue to support Hammerson achieve their sustainability ambitions, and have calculated portfolio environmental and socio-economic footprints, to provide a starting point from which to reduce their impacts and develop cost-effective reduction plans.

We also worked with Hammerson to create a placemaking strategy and bespoke modelling tool to measure socio-economic indicators at shopping centres across their portfolio. This in-depth research has been instrumental in highlighting the pivotal role they play in society and their positive impact on the local communities they serve.


By working together, we have developed a far-sighted sustainability strategy, that will support the business in having a positive impact for decades to come.

A sustainable

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