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Lease Administration

Smarter, centralized lease management creates portfolio transparency, reduces costs and mitigates risk

Is your real estate strategy supported by an accurate view of upcoming critical lease events and current terms? Are you actively managing landlord charges to ensure your payments are based on appropriate rates and expenses? Do you have control over executed documents and approval processes to proactively manage risk?

Whether you're responsible for a portfolio of 20 leases or 20,000, effective lease administration programs are the foundation for strategic portfolio management. But without a proactive approach to lease management and administration, real estate assets are likely underutilized, opportunities are missed and inaccurate charges are unknowingly paid. And, as the deadline approaches to adhere to the new FASB and IASB lease accounting standards, the compliance risks couldn't be higher.

How lease administration benefits you:

  • Centralized lease data allows you to gain on-demand transparency and insight into your portfolio
  • Avoid missing critical dates
  • Foundational data to business intelligence and analytics
  • Proactively manage landlord charges and leverage negotiated lease terms
  • Flexible approach and scalable services means you only pay for what you need

Annual Global SOC 1, Type II Audit