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Integrated Facilities Management

Get insight from industry experts on the future of facilities management.

​Learn about the trends, topics and innovations that are driving transformation in the integrated facilities management field.

Our top industry trends

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  • Internet of Things - Smart connections through your facilities matter.
  • Experience Economy - The move from service economy to an experienced economy has arrived.
  • Cost savings, ROI, new metrics - Technology is driving increased efficiency and new ways to work.
  • Digital disruptors and emerging operating models - How we deliver IFM is changing.
  • Risk management and mitigation - Safety, compliance and data security remains imperative.
  • Operational excellence - As OPEX processes evolve, so does the skill set of our professionals.
  • HR takes center stage - A holistic view of human experience makes all the difference.
  • The Shared Economy - Attracting and retaining talent in the Future of Work continue to evolve.
  • Data, Analytics, BI - There is no shortage of data, but data alone doesn't provide all the answers.
  • Standards - Ensuring compliance requires proven processes and verification

Are you prepared for the Future of Work?

Change is the new status quo. Is your organization prepared to navigate this changing world of work? Our Future of Work framework is designed to help you future-proof your approach to corporate real estate, by focusing on 5 key areas: Digital Drive, Human Experience, Continuous Innovation, Financial Performance, and Operational Excellence.