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Integrated Facilities Management

Creating and managing places where people and organizations thrive.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The experience within the environments we manage matters. We know that the people working in, using and visiting these places need to feel safe, comfortable and supported. And that's our goal each day.

Our approach to facility management is based on driving operational excellence across our services and enabling best-in-class experiences across the places we manage—all while leveraging industry-leading technology. It's that intersection of process, technology and people where we excel at increasing the productivity in your workplaces to help you achieve your ambitions.

How can we help you achieve your ambitions?

We are never satisfied with the status quo. From smart building solutions to engineering and operations strategy, we push the envelope to deliver the best experience for your people through ongoing innovation. See our services in action in our 360 degree interactive environment.

More about our facility management offerings:

  • Want to attract and retain the best talent? We carefully consider the entire employee experience - from the air your employees breathe to the way they're greeted in the morning.
  • Interested in having seamlessly run buildings? We have technology, experts and the know how to keep your buildings running safely, smoothly and smartly 24/7.
  • Looking to implement industry best practices and expertise? From compliance to benchmarking solutions, our diverse team of experts goes above and beyond to keep your buildings running safely and optimally.
  • Looking for a more flexible approach to your facilities? Not every organisation needs a full-blown IFM solution. Our flexible model allows you to pick the services you need most.

Our experience

Some more information on how we've helped our clients:

  • A rapidly growing portfolio required an innovative approach to IFM. Our client saw $20M in cost savings, increased operational efficiency and an improved experience.
  • A Government portfolio needed to increase performance management and energy efficiency. With our help, the agency achieved $2.5M in energy savings and over $13M in cost avoidance. Looking ahead, we estimate $100M in savings over 10 years.
  • An experienced outsourcer sought IFM experience and improved data and analytics. We delivered nearly $5M in savings in year one - exceeding our agreed-upon savings target. In year one, we also performed a full audit of all facilities - whereas previously only 5% of facilities were audited per year. We also reduced energy consumption through a comprehensive energy plan.
  • A retail client looked to move to a new work order system before the busy holiday season. We accelerated the migration system and had the account running on Corrigo in no time. In year one, the client saved 30% on their annual technology platform spending. Client satisfaction scores increased; after a work order was closed out, clients completed a short survey - with that data we've been able to optimise service delivery.